What can I do?

I am grateful for The RNAPP, Rapid Nonviolent Accompaniment & Protection Project  in association with Peaceworkers, USA who made it possible for me to go to South Korea. Peaceworkers is a community of activists, based primarily in the San Francisco Bay area, working to nurture peace, justice, reconciliation, and nonviolence in the world today.

If you are interested in supporting the movement in Jeju or learning more about these peace groups, please contact  Jan@JanPassion.org or gangjeongintl@gmail.com
1. It is possible to make a donation to support the peace work through the site savejejunow.org
2. You can call the Korean embassy and express your concern that the island of peace is getting a naval base that the people of Gangjeong do not want and demand that the promised village referendum will take place.
3. Keep yourself up to date with the daily life of the activists and the political process on the Face bookpage No Naval Base on Jeju.

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